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199 - How She Does It with Pro Runner Molly Huddle

199 - How She Does It with Pro Runner Molly Huddle

April 26, 2021

Today I speak to a running legend, a legend who’s still running at the top level of the sport - Molly Huddle. I’ve been a fan and follower of Molly’s forever. I’ve been so impressed by how she has evolved her career so she can continue to do what she loves and improve while most athletes fade away from injury or the simple aggregation of so many miles over so many years. Molly is a 2-time Olympian. She ran the 5,000 in 2012 and the 10,000 in 2016. She's going for the 2020 Olympics (in 2021!) and currently training for the 10k. She has or has held 6 American records. She's been running competitively for around 20 years!

Not only is a she a badass pro runner who created her own formula for success, she is using her platform to advocate for social causes she believes in. Not every athlete has the courage to do this!

One of her keys to success is her ability to nurture strong relationships. I’m happy to share that today’s episode is sponsored by one of her sponsors: Gatorade Endurance! Use code RUNTHISWORLD20 for 20% off all Gatorade Endurance products through 2021.

Notables from our conversation:

"What was your backup plan?" - THE MCAT!

Control is an elusive concept for pro athletes during a pandemic

Breaking barriers

Training for the Olympics that didn't happen

In-the-moment decision to pull out of the Marathon Olympic Trials

Gatorade Endurance: The GX Patch - how we both used it and how it can help you

Importance of mentors: @shesthefirst

"Shut up and dribble" post sparked comments like "Just shut up and run Molly" - how she deals with the controversy and haters

"Don't just do what you're best at." - Molly Huddle

Listen to her podcast Keeping-Track with Alysia Montano and Roisin McGettigan

Follow @howshediditbook on Instagram - release coming soon, co-authored with Sara Slattery

Nugget: "Aim for progress and growth over perfection. Start before you're ready."

198 - Shannon Watts is Fighting Like a Mother to End Gun Violence

198 - Shannon Watts is Fighting Like a Mother to End Gun Violence

April 18, 2021

I've been deeply emotionally impacted by the mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado in March 2021. So much that I made a post on my Facebook page asking for connections to people who are working to end gun violence in our country. That request quickly turned into a dispute about second amendment rights. I realized immediately that simply uttering the phrase "end gun violence" is a major trigger for many gun owners who believe that by simply attending a meeting, I would be trying to take away their guns.

It made me want to learn more about what is actually being done and if this assumption is in fact true. I reached out to the person this debate often centers around, Shannon Watts, the founder of Moms Demand Action which she launched shortly after the Sandy Hook massacre of 20 elementary school children and 6 educators in December 2012.

Before we talked, I attended my first Moms Demand Action meeting. One of the first things they said was, "We are anti-gun violence. We are not anti-gun." It was such a simple statement that immediately got to the very heart of the often contentious debate that springs up whenever guns are mentioned as a possible factor in the gun violence that plagues our country.

I went into the conversation with the goal of educating myself and hopefully everyone listening. Shannon and I had just under 30 minutes to hit on as many topics as possible and we tackled a lot. If you want to learn more about Shannon's work and what Moms Demand Action is doing, please check them out here.


How Shannon deals with the gun violence horrors that our country faces on a daily basis: She channels it into activism. "Activism is the rent we pay to live on this planet."

Moms Demand Action was started after Shannon couldn't find a group like MADD to support in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings. She couldn't find one so she started her own.

Power of Women: She knew that the change she was pushing for needed to come from an army of women fighting together.

There are many misconceptions in regards to the mission of Moms Demand Action, namely that they are trying to "take away people's guns."

Change doesn't happen overnight. Our country was set up for incremental change which is happening.

Fear is the underlying emotion behind many people's pushback on change.

Shannon's book, "Fight Like a Mother: How a Grassroots Movement Took on the Gun Lobby and Why Women will Change the World," donates proceeds to Everytown for Gun Safety & other non-profits dedicated to ending gun violence.

Many friends have been asking me, "What can I do?"

Start by texting "Commit" to 644-33

Get involved. Donate to organizations like Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety. Become a member. Buy Shannon's book and educate yourself. Think about what's truly important to you and if ending gun violence is, then volunteer, run for office, become an advocate of the movement. Don't let another act of gun violence go by with the same reaction you've had in the past - sadness, horror, then guilt that you didn't do anything.

197 - You Are Not Crazy with Therapist Britt Frank

197 - You Are Not Crazy with Therapist Britt Frank

April 13, 2021

Trigger warning & little person listening warning: This episode may trigger people who have gone through sexual trauma. We talk about sexual abuse. Please be aware of your environment when listening.

Yet another insanely smart, insightful, brilliant woman who was put on this planet to help others, or in Britt's case, to help others' heal and move forward in their lives from whatever is holding them back.

Britt Frank is a therapist, teacher, speaker, and trauma specialist who is committed to dismantling the mental health myths that keep us feeling STUCK and SICK.

Her work focuses on empowering people to understand the inner mechanisms of their brains and bodies and how they connect. When we know how things work, the capacity for CHOICE is restored and life can and does change. 

Plain and simple: Britt is the therapist we all wish we had. And we could have her! You can work with her through her business - the Greenhouse in Kansas City, or thx to a pandemic, anywhere virtually. I was introduced to her by my friend and previous guest Meredith Atwood of the Same 24 Hours Podcast. Meredith, I think I owe you a big one - having a personal connection to Britt is one of the highlights of my life right now. After you hear from her, I'm sure you'll feel the same. Be sure to get over to Instagram and follow her right now @brittfrank. Today I took the liberty to have a personal therapy session that I think you'll both enjoy and relate to the various angles.

On that note, get ready for a good one. It's time to get Britt on the show.

Notables from our conversation:

Trauma definition: "There are Big T and Little T traumas. We all have trauma. It just depends on what degree."

Sexual abuse: Communication is the key to helping stop or identify abuse when it is happening

The Fuckery of Life: I just like this concept :)

Guilt is actually important

Stages of grief were actually designed for people who were dying. Britt uses the "4 tasks of grief."

"The opposite of trauma is choice."

"The Road to Happy starts with neutrality."

Guilt is a gift. Shame is "I am bad." Guilt is "I did something bad."

The floating head: The feeling of being disconnected from your body. The goal is to find happiness in our bodies.

Start by assuming you're not crazy.

The word perfect is a beast!

For more Britt Frank:

Connect with her on The Greenhouse

Follow her on Social at @brittfrank

Keep an eye out for her 2022 book "The Science of Stuck"

196 - Marisa Porges from Battling Terrorism to Raising Bold, Courageous, Resilient Women

196 - Marisa Porges from Battling Terrorism to Raising Bold, Courageous, Resilient Women

April 5, 2021

Dr. Marisa Porges might be the most impressive person I've ever talked to. Here goes.

Today Dr. Porges is the the eighth Head of School of The Baldwin School, a 130-year-old all-girls school outside of Philadelphia, that is renowned for academic excellence and preparing girls to be leaders and changemakers. She is an alumna of Baldwin and personally understands the power of its approach to educating girls: it provided the foundation for her own military service and work on national security and foreign affairs.

Prior to joining Baldwin, Dr. Porges was a leading counterterrorism and national security expert. Most recently, she served in the Obama White House as a senior policy advisor and White House Fellow at the National Economic Council, where she oversaw the development of domestic cybersecurity and consumer protection policies. She also has served as a research fellow at Harvard Kennedy School and at the Council on Foreign Relations, where her research focused on counterterrorism. In these roles, she traveled alone throughout the Middle East and Afghanistan to conduct research, interview former members of Al Qaeda and the Taliban, meet with Syrian rebel fighters in hiding, and serve as an embedded civilian advisor at NATO military headquarters in Afghanistan. She also worked as a counterterrorism policy advisor in the U.S. Department of Treasury and as a foreign affairs advisor in the U.S. Department of Defense. In all these roles, she stood out as one of a few – if not the only – women present, at any given time. 

Dr. Porges started her career on active duty in the U.S. Navy, flying jets off carriers as a naval flight officer on EA-6B Prowlers. Ten years after the Navy first allowed women to fly jets into combat, she pursued her dream of being launched off an aircraft carrier while serving her country. She earned a B.A. in geophysics from Harvard, an MSc from the London School of Economics, and a PhD in war studies from King’s College London. Her awards include the National Committee on American Foreign Policy 21st Century Leader Award and the NATO Medal for service in Afghanistan. Dr. Porges lives outside of Philadelphia, with her family.

See what I mean? I was literally reading Marisa's bio to Tim the night before I interviewed her and he said, "That's the most impressive thing I've ever heard. So she's basically Carrie from Homeland?" [minus the personal issues!]

I believe the coolest part about her is that she took all of this badassery and decided to use it to help create the next generation of badasses!


In the navy she was the Goose to another's Maverick when she was flying jets off carriers.

She's enjoyed a "choose your own adventure" career - we could all use this for inspiration

Buy her book! What Girls Need: How to Raise Bold, Courageous and Resilient Women

Sports nurture a competitive drive that transfers into careers: 92% of successful c-suite women were athletes!

Skills needed for girls to be successful later in life: Speaking up/Self-advocating, How to ask for what you need, How to adapt to change, How to collaborate

Adaptability is TEACHABLE! The goal is to have a high Adaptability Quotient

Quick fact: Women are more likely to be interrupted than their male peers

Girls/women need both mentors and SPONSORS. Mentors give advice. Sponsors create opportunities.

Tactics to start while your kids are young: Read fiction (this creates empathy - an ability to see from the other character's point of view), Give your child tasks that may seem above her "pay grade" (I.e. have your kid call and order the pizza. Empower her to use her voice.)

For more Marisa Porges:

Follow her at @marisaporges

Buy her book What Girls Need

Marisa is AMAZING!!!!

195 - Dr Margaret Rutherford Helps us Move Through Grief

195 - Dr Margaret Rutherford Helps us Move Through Grief

March 31, 2021

This is a special release in response to the Boulder mass shooting which occurred on March 22, 2021. Every shooting has hit close to home for me, but this one was literally three blocks from my old house in Boulder, at the grocery store we visited multiple times a week.

I found myself processing many emotions including deep sadness, anger, frustration, guilt and helplessness. I've been up at night, unable to shut down the fear-driven thought cycle spiraling through my mind.

So I did what I need to do to heal. I reached out. I sent out an emotional email to my community. I posted on social media. And I asked one of my upcoming guests, a widely-known psychologist, to change her plans and talk to me with only a moment's notice about how to process the aftermath of this shooting and all the emotions I've been feeling.

I'm so grateful for Dr Margaret Rutherford. I actually lied above. I didn't reach out to her. She saw that I was hurting and she sent me a note that said, "What can I do? Can I come on and talk to you about this?" That's the kind of person she is.

So in the middle of a Sunday, I found myself having a personal therapy session with Margaret that I believe will be helpful to you too.

Important points from today's discussion:

Grieving is unique to all of us. The important part is to continue moving through the emotions. To not get stuck on any particular emotion in the process.

Trauma exhaustion is a real thing: like a car pile-up that never ends

Trauma builds Resilience: "The tree that bends will survive the storm" [Margaret's version of a Chinese proverb]

You can get PTSD even if the event didn't happen to you

"Take it in small batches." -Margaret

Create a Worry Journal or a Grief Journal. Get the thoughts out of your mind and onto paper.

Listen to The Self Work Podcast

194 - “What is Your Big Work?” with Cancer Survivor & Naturopathic Doctor Kaycie Grigel

194 - “What is Your Big Work?” with Cancer Survivor & Naturopathic Doctor Kaycie Grigel

March 26, 2021

NOTE: The intro to this episode was recorded three days after the Boulder shooting and includes some profanity and opinions by me about mass shootings. Please note that the content may not be work or young-child friendly.

Kaycie Grigel sent me an email in the midst of chemo treatments for her recently diagnosed breast cancer. Through the difficulties and the darkness, she had stumbled upon inspiration that she knew she needed to share. I suggested we wait until her treatments were done in case she gains more perspective, clarity and momentum on her next big work. We connected four weeks after her last treatment. We jump right in and Kaycie shares the details of her journey as well as the bigger picture messages that have surfaced with grace and clarity.

Notables from this episode:

Her breast cancer treatment included a lumpectomy, an MRI machine with boob holes and the (not FDA approved) "Cold Cap" that allowed her to keep her hair. 

Support: The #1 key to having a positive journey through a dark diagnosis

Movement: Kaycie set this goal - Exercise EVERY DAY DURING TREATMENT. She did it and credits movement as being mission critical to her success.

Advocate for yourself! Find the medical team that is the best fit for you.

Hormone talk! There's an enlightening discussion that Kaycie shares in layman's terms about how our estrogen shuts off as we age and our adrenals take over. This leads to adrenal fatigue in many menopausal women.

The #1 thing we can do for our hormones is manage our stress. That includes sleep, eating good food, moving, getting outside, nurturing good relationships, releasing negative relationships

What is YOUR Big Work? Don't leave this world without embracing and moving forward with your big work.

Nugget: "Whatever brings that camera into focus for you, run toward it."

More Kaycie:
Visit her at the Golden Naturopathic Clinic

Book a 15 minute Discovery Call

Sign up for the Women's Hormone Health Masterclass - starts in May 2021

Follow her on FB to learn more about her future community to support breast cancer patients during and after their journeys

193 - Sara Gross on Why We Need More Feisty Women

193 - Sara Gross on Why We Need More Feisty Women

March 17, 2021

Once upon a time Sara Gross was a Women's Studies and World Religions student. Right around the time she was working on her dissertation about female history, she discovered triathlon, which led to a 10ish year hiatus from her work in women's empowerment.

The funny thing is that she entered the sport of triathlon just as I was leaving it, so we never competed against each other which is probably good, because we have no competitive history that would create tension now! Sara had a baby partway through her career and a few years later came back to win her second Ironman in Brazil. After that win, she knew she was done with triathlon.


Her passion had shifted. It was time for her to become a voice for women athletes - to help share what sport had given her. Strength. Courage. Confidence.

She founded Live Feisty - a media brand targeted toward helping active women improve their lives - and their performances. She's breaking ground with each step including the upcoming Womxn's Performance Summit on March 26-28. Be sure to grab a ticket - the speaker lineup is killer!


Notables from our conversation:

How Sara's feminism was grounded by this thought as a little girl when she noticed the subtle differences between men and women in the workplace: "Something is not quite right in the world."

The importance of "The 5 people you surround yourself with"

"People who don't have power will take power wherever they can."

The importance of community, of finding our people, picking our corner and growing our tribe.

Sara's 10ish year break to pursue triathlon: We almost forgot to talk about this!

What the heck is TikTok! Watch Sara's hilarious Tampon Vid here!

What the word Feisty means to her

Feisty Womxn's Performance Summit: Grab a ticket now!

For more Sara Gross:

Instagram @sara.gross

TikTok: @feistymedia

Live Feisty: Check out the podcasts, videos and more

192 - “What’s on the Menu?” with Catherine McCord

192 - “What’s on the Menu?” with Catherine McCord

March 7, 2021

Catherine McCord is the co-founder of One Potato and the founder of the popular Weelicious brand, a trusted content resource synonymous with family and food. A graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education, she has created online how-to videos that have amassed more than fifty million views and celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Sarah Michelle Gellar & Keri Glassman, RD, swear by her food as a medicine approach to healthy tonics. She has written three cookbooks including her latest Smoothie Project.  Catherine has appeared on TODAY, Good Morning America, California Live, The Doctors, and is a regular on the Emmy-winning NBC show Naturally, Danny Seo as well as Food Network’s #1-rated Guy’s Grocery Games. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three children.

I came to know about Catherine and her lifesaving work for parents with picky kids when my best friend gave me two of her Weelicious cookbooks. I was complaining about how all Wilder will eat is "Cheese on White" (we talk about this in the interview!) and the minute I opened one of her cookbooks, I knew there was another way!

I started by making Chewy Granola Balls. They have peanut butter! Something Wilder would never eat on her own. But lo and behold, she ate these! Then I tried Spinach Ricotta Bites and Spaghetti Pie and Spanakopita Bites. And they all won! As I cooked, I realized that the true point of Catherine's work was to make meals that the entire family can enjoy.

Tim and I had gotten into the habit of making our food and Wilder's food separately. Everything we liked was too zesty or "spicy" or looked weird or had texture that would make her gag! Every time I got brain blocked, I started pulling out Weelicious cookbooks until one day I finally realized that it didn't end there.

Catherine started One Potato food delivery service after realizing there was a whole in that budding industry. No one had created a meal delivery company that considered the entire family. One Potato has a family-friendly menu with recipes that the kids can actually help make.

There's no doubt that Catherine is a thought leader in the world of family culinary arts, but what's an extra bonus is just how much fun she is on top of it all. Catherine has an incredible personality that was obviously shaped by a grounded family life and the fact that she is doing something every day that she loves.

Notables from our conversation:

Catherine faced adversity at a young age (health problems) and learned to find a different positive path (modeling)

How Catherine managed to develop a healthy body image and healthy relationship with food despite being very successful in a career that puts a priority on being extremely thin

Transitions: Didn't quit her day job while going to culinary school

On the path to Weelicious, Catherine tried many different things that didn't work. Weelicious was successful because Catherine was solving a problem.

How to "break" picky kids!

Cheese on white syndrome

Food is curative. If something is not right, try first to cure yourself or your kids with food.

"Around the back sneak attack" getting her kids to try recipes - ask for their help so they feel empowered not defensive

Creative cooking prompt: Make a list of 10 foods you all love. Build a menu from there.

How to break the groundhog day cooking cycle - esp during pandemic.

"What gets you up in the morning?" - ND

"I just jump out of bed everyday!" - CM

Nugget: "If you don't know how to do something that you want to learn how to do , don't be afraid to ask for help. Ask your mother's cousin's brother. Ask your neighbor. Ask anyone. Don't be shy because everyone wants to help someone else to feel good and be successful."

GIVEAWAY: To win a Weelicious cookbook, go to @nicoledeboom on Facebook or Instagram and answer this question, "What food can you not live without?" Winner will be chosen Sunday, March 14, 2021.

For more Catherine McCord:

@weelicious and @onepotato

Weelicious & One Potato

191 - Ryan Van Duzer “All of us have the Power to Make the World a Better Place”

191 - Ryan Van Duzer “All of us have the Power to Make the World a Better Place”

February 27, 2021

We all talk about wanting to turn our passions into work. I'm personally attempting to do just that right now during my sabbatical from life. First, we need to identify our passions and then we need to honestly assess whether our skills align with our passions.

Today's guest Ryan Van Duzer has done just that. He lives his passion every day - and has fun doing it. I have wanted to interview him since the day I met him at Skirt Sports. He was supporting our mutual friend Dana D (Episode 30 "From Drug Addict to Love Addict") as she delivered the first ever Women Run The World talk that would later become a multi-year monthly speaker series.

Ryan was totally at home at the event, even as one of the only men in a packed house of passionate women. I observed him and realized why he was so comfortable. There was something emanating from him that I like to call pure intentions. He was there to support and celebrate his friend. He didn't even notice that he was one of two men, because his intention wasn't to draw attention to himself. It was about being there for someone else's important event.

Everything Ryan does is based on pure intentions. That's what makes him so special. He's relatable and vulnerable, something many men struggle with. He puts it all out there. Like truly all out there through his super popular, inspiring YouTube Channel DuzerTV, through his other projects including tv shows like Carbon TV's "Tough Jobs," Discovery's "Out of the Wild," & more.

Notables from this episode:

"I may not be able to get you everything you want, but I will get you everything you need." - Donna Jobert (Ryan's mama)

The gift of being a mama's boy: Watch Donna get to the top of Machu Picchu in "Mama Picchu"

Dana D & the Gratitude March

Sobriety: Why Ryan needed to end his drinking relationship

How to deal with haters

Trail Magic & Trail Angels

Have as much fun as possible as you're doing whatever you do.

Just Get Outside!

For more Ryan Van Duzer:

His website!

DuzerTV on YouTube

This video sums up his philosophy. Watch it!



190 - Emily Holland Explores the Upside of Sobriety

190 - Emily Holland Explores the Upside of Sobriety

February 19, 2021

I met Emily Holland in October 2019. She interviewed me about my entrepreneurial journey on her Stokecast Podcast. Toward the end of the interview, we talked about my sobriety journey and I did what lots of podcasters pull on other podcasters - I turned one of her questions back on her. I asked her if there was anything in her life that she felt that she wanted to let go of. She replied, "I'm in the process of thinking about letting go of alcohol. I just haven't done all the thinking I want to around it yet." Or something very close! The point is that she was on the verge of starting the journey that has taken her life in a new direction. Sobriety.

Emily is an emerging thought leader in the world of alcohol and sobriety. She embarked on her sober journey over a year ago. In fact, she hit the one year milestone just a few days ago and wrote a powerful blog with 9 powerful takeaways. Emily is a very deep thinker. She is not taking her sobriety journey lightly. She has become so passionate about what sobriety has brought to her life, how much it has helped her grow, that she decided to start a new venture, a podcast called Nature Untold. Her goal is to normalize and destigmatize the discussion around sobriety, addiction, and recovery in the outdoor community and industry. And she is doing just that!


The "Bristle" Trigger: What is bugging you? What is it time to examine?

Prioritizing Partying: Why this becomes important and when it's time to shift priorities

Question asked in therapy: "Have you grieved the loss of alcohol?"

Drinking is a relationship that brings you comfort or fills a void of some sort. It makes sense that the loss of it needs to be grieved.

Euphoric recall: Nostalgia for the memories & community that were part of one's drinking life

She believes there is a line between calling oneself an alcoholic and recognizing drinking isn't a positive part of one's lives and it's time to stop.

The habit of drinking: we riff a bit on the example used in the book "Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg

Destigmatizing sobriety: It starts with having open conversations.

Replace the drinking addiction with something else like exercise or adventure

3 things that were key to Emily's decision to stop drinking: 1) Therapy, 2) Someone who loves you unconditionally and wants to support the changes you decide to make, 3) COVID

Best gateway (drug 😂) to sobriety? "Taking time off is incredibly awesome." Consider testing out a sober life for Dry January (or any month)

Sober support resources: Start with Grace, Praise for yourself, Therapy; then move on to community resources like AA, the Luckiest Club, Tempest Group, Phoenix Multisport (we mention Scott Strode too!)

Nature Untold Podcast: Emily has a passion to help people with their own journeys

Recommended books about sobriety: "Sober Curious" by Ruby Warrington & Holly Whitaker's "How to Quit Like a Woman"

Nugget: Stay curious. About yourself. What am I feeling, who am I, what do I want? knowing yourself. Curious about others too, about things you don't understand. This can only lead to positive discovery and growth.

Join the Nature Untold Podcast Facebook group

Follow Emily and Nature Untold on Instagram

189 - Love Always Wins with Yummy Butter’s Yuma Haidara

189 - Love Always Wins with Yummy Butter’s Yuma Haidara

February 10, 2021

I discovered Yuma Haidara when she was an ambassador for Skirt Sports. I think I stumbled upon a photo of her crossing a finish line in a Lioness Skirt, all smiles and happiness. Then I dug deeper and saw this gorgeous, tall, glowing woman standing in front of a huge truck only to learn that she is both a runner and a trucker. I was even more intrigued and reached out to feature her for Skirt Sports. She blew me away with her positive outlook and her focus on love; for others but more importantly for ourselves.

Just over a year later, I saw another post. This time she was holding a container of something I can only describe as mysteriously delicious-looking. Turns out that's the perfect way to describe her new product: Yummy Butter! Yuma started A Yummy Life after countless friends begged her to make her soothing body lotions for them too. One thing led to another and suddenly, Yuma was an entrepreneur!

Her journey has been tough, but through it all, she only shines brighter each day. Just for you, she is offering 15% off all products at A Yummy Life. Use code LOVE for 15% off at checkout!

Notables from our conversation:

Trigger warning: Yuma is a survivor of child sexual abuse, something I didn't know before we talked.

How serving in the military gave her the family environment she had always craved

#22aday: Each day 22 veterans take their lives. Yuma is passionate about raising awareness to help veterans so we can decrease this shocking statistic

"I'm glad you exist."

How to be a healthy trucker: cook your meals in a crock pot in your truck!

Recommended books: "Can't Hurt Me" by David Goggins & "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho

Nugget: To Just Love...

Broccoli Soup recipe forthcoming!

More Yuma: @yumahaidara on Instagram

Don't forget to use code LOVE for 15% off Yummy Butters and new Yummy Lips!

188 - Tasha Edwards 2021 word is POWER

188 - Tasha Edwards 2021 word is POWER

January 27, 2021

I reached out to Tasha in July 2020. I didn't have a topic in mind when I discovered her; I just knew that I needed to talk to her. It finally hit me. She is on the journey. We don't share enough stories from people who are literally in the middle of the journey. We like to share stories from people who have been "enlightened," who have "gotten there." Tasha is a work in progress which reminds us that we are all works in progress.

Her overriding mission is to help women connect back to their power through movement. She uses the phrase "connect back" because women have always had the power, they just lose the connection to it.


Priorities and connection: When Tasha lost half of her clientele in 2020. what she found is that she had time to connect to the people who were left.

"My space is the conversation around why we believe what we believe, and why are we following who we are following. What is our why? What do we really want in life and how do we get out of the bed from the depression and stress of 2020? How do we even get out of bed to talk about movement?"

"Mind your own mat" concept: How do you feel and perform if no one is looking?

Optimum health is the goal: It's not entirely tangible. It's not about a certain weight. It's about functioning the best we can be as our bodies constantly change.

Stop comparing! Especially to our younger selves

What the heck are "morning abs?"

Tasha's 2021 word is POWER

"Trust yourself. Your intuition will not lead you the wrong way."

Tasha's nonprofit: See Her Healthy @seeherhealthy on Instagram - Follow now!

Tasha's Website Hip Healthy Chick

Work with her:

Check out her fitness workouts on John Garey TV

Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Youtube @hiphealthychick

187 - “Be Yourself. Everyone Else is Taken.” Astrologer Debra Silverman

187 - “Be Yourself. Everyone Else is Taken.” Astrologer Debra Silverman

January 17, 2021

"You have a calling and a purpose. I have insights and answers."

This is the first thing you read on Debra Silverman's website and for those of us who are in a confused space in life, possibly made even more so by our current health and political climates, we want insights. We want answers!

I took an interest in astrology when I first met Tim. I think that happens to a lot of us. We find the love of our life, we get all romantic and we want to learn more about how we were meant to fit together. I bought a book on astrology and started reading. At some point I put the book away and for years my only connection to astrology was through the daily horoscope in the paper. But the foundation of the practice still tugged at my heart; I had a feeling I would come back to it at some point.

It's been well over 20 years since I bought that book, so when I discovered Debra Silverman and her work helping people fall in love with themselves, I knew the time was now.

Debra is a perfect blend of scientific and cosmic knowledge. She is both a Clinical Psychologist and a master Astrologer. I liken it to a blend of Eastern & Western practices that can help you find what you're looking for. Or gain peace from what you know you already have.

We talk about so many things today, but the foundation of our conversation is about the four elements: Earth, Fire, Air, Water. Turns out I'm a whole lotta Fire and Air but I'm missing Water. Water is the place where you go inside and float (I made up the floating part but it sounds about right!). It also turns out that Tim is a whole lotta Water. So going back to my relationship and why many of us turn to Astrology for answers, this is why we find the person who brings us so much joy because they complement our elemental makeup, but so much tension because they have what we don't! WOW!

If you are intrigued and want to learn more, check out Debra's Applied Astrology School. The timing couldn't be better because it only opens twice a year and it's open right now! Let me know if you are interested. I'm considering applying too. It's one of those things that when you feel the inkling of change, when you feel that push on your heart, you know it's got to happen sometime, so why not now?

Some notables from today:

"You've got wild women on this podcast." - Debra Silverman - Why yes, I do!

She traveled with Sting for a year! Watch his review of her book.

Debra helps people fall in love with themselves.

The concept of permission slips

She recommends the book "My Stroke of Insight" by Jill Bolte Taylor

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186 - Just Believe in Yourself with Sarah Vernon-Brunner

186 - Just Believe in Yourself with Sarah Vernon-Brunner

January 8, 2021

Sarah is one in a million. In 2006 she visited Boulder to interview for Skirt Sports, this crazy little company with a powerful mission. I hired her immediately, or at least after I asked her to help us move boxes around the warehouse and I realized how strong she was! 😘

I had the honor of working with Sarah for over 15 years, longer than I thought I would actually still be at Skirt Sports myself! Sarah came on board a year after she finished college; she held almost every job at Skirt Sports, except for the most creative, technical roles. For the last 5+ years, she held the title, President, and basically ran the company.

This conversation is both a celebration and a form of closure for me & Sarah. When we sold our last unit on August 16, 2020, Sarah and I were the last-women-standing. We had spent three months effectively closing down the company, and were thrilled that we had turned the finish line into a baton handoff, but the very end it was anticlimactic. We weren't even in the same room when the final unit sold. I think I texted her and that was it.

15+ years of working together can't end on a text! Sarah wrote me a beautiful note, that was full of emotion and I wrote this on a piece of paper, "Write Sarah a letter." Then I never did it. And I realized that this conversation could be the best way to gain a little more closure.

It's a bit of a tell-all, so get ready to hear what REALLY happened at Skirt Sports along the way. What a ride. I hope you enjoy the retelling as much as we did.

Notables from today:

Laughter is one of the best ways to deal with stress!

Two thumbs up (you have to listen)

Relationships: That's what everything is built on in the end. Be sure to nurture and honor them.

ALL THE PEOPLE! We riff on the amazing team we had the honor of interacting with over the years. If we missed you, it doesn't mean we don't love and appreciate you. It was like an Oscars speech and we were getting pushed off the stage!

Sleep is for the weak! (at least before kids!)

Fred Factor: Every interaction is a chance to practice customer care

The crazy times: Getting sued (twice), the eviction (not ours), Skirt Chaser 5k Races, the entire wholesale apocalypse, the ROLLER COASTER!

Gaining new titles while at Skirt Sports: Wife, Mom & more

Thanks for listening. If you want to reach Sarah, send me a note and I'll get it to her!

And please write me a review on iTunes! It helps!!!

185 – Always Search with Artist Sandy Graves

185 – Always Search with Artist Sandy Graves

December 26, 2020

It’s not often you meet a world-class bronze sculptor. It’s even more rare that she’s a woman and she lives next door! I met Sandy Graves before I even moved to Steamboat Springs. We were viewing our future home, stepped into the alley and there she was. Fiddling with something in her garage. Upon closer inspection, that something was the holy mecca of world-class art.

Sandy Graves is a renowned sculptor. She’s known she would be an artist since her kindergarten teacher wrote that prophecy on a piece of paper. She also spent many years being angry with this gift. That was before she figured out how she could turn her gift into a career that could actually sustain herself and her family.

Our conversation is like a walk in the park with a friend. It goes all sorts of directions with laughter, depth and sheer honesty. Sometimes, especially when life is tough and stressful, it’s nice to simply relax and listen – and in this case, gain some new insights from a talented human being you haven’t met before.

Check out Sandy’s art here:

Read another great article here

Notable points from our conversation:

“Real artists don’t sit around waiting for inspiration. They get up and go to work.” – Chuck Close

Check out @holisticpsychologist for some relationship and personal self growth!

When you battle those spiraling negative thoughts that won’t stop rolling through your mind, think of what Steamboat therapist Nicole McGuffin says, “Who Cares?” & “Bring it on”

If you’re interested in more on the Bahai world religion, check this out.

Finally – her nuggets:

“Think of your life as a book. When the chapters start getting long, you might need to do something exciting to bring your book back to relevance. Don’t let your book get boring.”

Always search. The day I’m spiritually dead would be the day that I think I know it all. I want a life of search and a life of seeking.”

184 - Kara Burns on Relapse, Love & Unapologetic Realness

184 - Kara Burns on Relapse, Love & Unapologetic Realness

December 14, 2020

Kara Burns has been on the show before. In September 2016, I featured her story in episode 24 "From Prison to 26.2" which quickly became my highest-listened. We followed it up immediately with episode 25 "Forgiving Yourself" when I realized I had been too chicken to ask her what she meant when she said "I lost my daughter." Those conversations four years ago were raw, real and powerful.


Kara's journey didn't stop there. She was on a mission to transform her life and entered what could probably be called her "striving years."


In October 2018, we sat down for episode 109 and talked about her progress. She was riding a wave of momentum as she had discovered her gifts for speaking, inspiring and leading. Her addiction was under control. Her relationship with her daughter was blossoming and people were taking notice of her. In other words, things were on the up and up.


In June 2019, I invited Kara to deliver the final keynote speech at our 300-woman ambassador retreat. At the final moment, she delivered a speech that was different than the one she originally presented to me. It was about the concept of "Slipping," of falling off the wagon, of having a drink. About how she didn't want it to define her and bring her down. Everyone slips sometimes right?


I will never forget that when I first met her, she told me, "I will never be able to have a drink again. If I do, it will lead to me doing meth. It may not be immediate, it could be months or a year later, but it will happen."


One month after her speech at the retreat, Kara was being wheeled through the Denver airport on her way to rehab after a 6-day meth binge that ravaged her body and mind so much that she couldn't even walk to the plane.


It's been over a year since she sought help and regained her sobriety. The lessons she has learned over this year of self-growth are important. They transcend her personal situation. You will benefit from hearing them.


Over the past year, Kara did a powerful TEDx Talk called "Own Your Unapologetic Realness." Watch it here.


Kara has recently become certified in NLP which we discuss in depth in the interview. If you are intrigued, she's offering FREE NLP sessions in December. Sign up here!


More on her coaching group here.


Check out Kara Burns Unlimited here. This is where you can contact her!


And don't forget to follow her on Instagram @unapologetic.realness


Some notable quotes from our conversation:


"What we think is the worst thing that could happen could very well be the best thing."


"I feel like I won the lottery. and heres what the lottery is. The lottery is wisdom."


"The greatest thing that has changed my life is my ability to serve."


"The key is learning to love every single Kara over the years."


For more Kara Burns, check her out here:




Instagram: @unapologetic.realness


Email Kara here:


183 - “Don’t Give up the Hope” with Jamie Pendleton

183 - “Don’t Give up the Hope” with Jamie Pendleton

December 6, 2020

I met Jamie Pendleton through my husband. She was looking for a coach to give her structure and confidence for a huge running goal - to break 3 hours at the New York Marathon. At that time I just thought she was a driven athlete who needed accountability like most of Tim's clients. Boy was I wrong.

Jamie runs for so much more than the goals and structure. She runs for her sanity. She runs for stress relief. She runs for her daughter.

Miren was born with a rare disease that affects pretty much every function in her body. The problem is that it took 6 years for them to get an actual diagnosis. During that brutal time of uncertainty, Jamie's marriage fell apart, she battled depression and suicidal thoughts, felt shame and guilt, and wondered how she could ever find a cure to save her daughter.

CACNA1A affects Miren's body’s ability to use calcium and wreaks havoc on her neurological system making it challenging for her to speak, think, and move like her peers.  Children with this disorder present much differently but all express neurological symptoms which include: seizures, episodic ataxia, hypotonia, eye abnormalities, intellectual disability, and cerebellar atrophy.

Jamie's mission is to raise money to find a cure for Miren. This means coming out of her shell, leaving her introverted comfort zone and DOING EVERYTHING SHE CAN TO ADVOCATE FOR HER DAUGHTER.

Unfortunately rare diseases are not prioritized by the medical community for that reason - they're rare. But there's a good chance that a drug has already been discovered that can treat Miren's disorder, so the first step is to raise $250k to run tests for a match. I encourage you to donate if it calls to you. And please forward this episode to anyone you think would benefit from learning more about Miren's Marathon.

Some notable quotes from today's interview:

About running: "I wanted to preserve something that was genuinely part of myself."

About tattoos: "I asked the tattoo artist, 'Where is most painful part of your body for a tattoo?'"

"You can only experience true beauty when you're on the the other side of suffering."

The 6th stage of grief: "This is when everyone can find meaning in their suffering."

At the end of the day, one mom can make a difference. One motivated person can change the world. Thanks, Jamie, for sharing your story with me.

To Donate: Go to Rare Village. This year, donations up to $300 can be refunded as a credit on your taxes!

More info here:

Tax ID # 83-4699994, Address: 6808 Old Glory Ct, McKinney, TX, 75071, Email:

Participate in a 5K Fundraiser: Mark your calendars Feb 28, 2021

Jamie & team will host a virtual 5K on Rare Disease Day - Sunday February 28th called Zebra race for Rare.  Registration is available on the Rare Village Website.

182 - Why We are Here with Human Design Reader Kelsey Abbott

182 - Why We are Here with Human Design Reader Kelsey Abbott

November 24, 2020

If you're rolling your eyes and getting ready to skip this episode, you're not alone. Kelsey Abbott felt the same way when she first learned about Human Design. As she says in our conversation today, "I was totally skeptical." But the more she learned, the more she allowed herself to open up to something that defied her career as a scientist and tapped into her most powerful, previously undiscovered gift - helping others find their purpose.

Kelsey Abbott is an intuitive Human Design Reader, a Certified Professional Coach, Instigator of Joy and the host of the Find Your Awesome podcast. She helps spiritual adventurers remember who they are and why they’re here so they can uplevel with ease. She believes that the universe wants us to be sparklyAF and that joy is our natural state. When Kelsey isn't playing in her business, she's bringing curiosity, play and joy to triathlon--a sport she races as an elite amateur.

After studying at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC) where she earned certifications as a Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Master Practitioner and Cor.E Performance coach, Kelsey also earned her NeuroPositive Certificate in using neuroscience to change how the brain processes challenges at the Applied Neuroscience Institute and studied Human Design with Jenna Zoe.

Before becoming a Certified Professional Coach, Kelsey worked as a nationally-recognized science writer, as a marine biologist studying dolphins and killer whales, as a personal trainer, a group fitness instructor, a swim coach, a triathlon coach and a food blogger. After a decade in Maine and 16 months of traveling around the U.S. in a small camper, Kelsey now lives in Sarasota, Florida with her husband and dog. In case you haven't guessed, Kelsey is a Manifesting Generator living her design and following the joy.   

After this conversation, you will want a Human Design reading! It costs $250 for an initial reading and that may be all you need, but if you want to dig deeper, there are all sorts of ways to work with Kelsey. Check them out here: Play With Kelsey

Some quotes from today's episode:

"As a swim coach and triathlon coach, you’re telling people what to do. As a life coach you’re helping them figure out what to do. It’s a totally different kind of coaching." (Kelsey)

"A big part of my chart is about healing myself so I can heal others." (Kelsey)

"In general a therapist takes you from a dysfunctional past to a functional present, and a coach takes you from a good present to a great future." (Kelsey)

"Some people would say it's impossible to be an entrepreneur and a triathlete at the same time, but I need both." (Kelsey)

"I can imagine most people find value in Human Design when they are at a place where they feel stuck or they can't quite put a finger on what their purpose is." (Nicole)

"In Human Design there is a difference between feelings and emotions. Feelings come from our heads. They are thoughts that lead to feelings. Emotions have no thoughts associated with them and they just come out of the blue." (Kelsey)

NUGGET: "Remember who you are - and then be who you are and let yourself shine and share with the rest of us please." (Kelsey)

181 - Kriste Peoples “It’s a Practice. It’s not a Perfect.”

181 - Kriste Peoples “It’s a Practice. It’s not a Perfect.”

November 12, 2020

Kriste Peoples magically fell into my life when I was looking for local models for Skirt Sports. We've always worked hard to showcase real women from the community of all ages, sizes, ethnic diversity and more. From the first moment she smiled for the camera, it was obvious she was special.

Kriste has that glow. That magical glow that truly special people exude when they're smiling (and even when they're not smiling) - they light up the world from the inside out.

Kriste has been on the show before - Mile Repeat 7 from October 2018 - "Kriste Peoples Says YES." Because that has always been her philosophy which you'll hear more about today.

But what's interesting is that she has also realized there are very important times to say no. Like when I reached out to her in June to talk about systemic racism in our country. She was so devastated by the events that had recently occurred that her answer at that time was... no.

This is so important to recognize because we do need to support those moments in our lives when we need to regroup, renourish our souls, find our new paths. I'm going through one right now myself.

Today Kriste has emerged stronger, with a deep emotional perspective on what is happening to our country. And she has also discovered some new tools to help find the calm within the storm - namely meditation. In fact she is launching her first ever guided meditation course called "Mindfulness: A Contemplative Intro to Awareness Meditation." Check it out! It's only $20 for 4 sessions starting November 16, 2020.

For more Kriste Peoples, go to her website, follow her on social @kristepeoples and become a fan because she is doing amazing things!

180 - “Why Not Today?” Kerttu Veske Transforms Through Pilates

180 - “Why Not Today?” Kerttu Veske Transforms Through Pilates

October 26, 2020

I met Kerttu when I was winding down Skirt Sports and needed to find a subtenant to take over our lease on our Pearl Street store. In walked this woman with the excitement and determination that you only see in someone with true vision. She was looking to open her first pilates studio. She had been teaching for years and after countless suggestions that she start her own business, she finally decided to do it.

Kerttu grew up in Estonia. She was introduced to a very unusual line of work very early by her aunt who owned a circus - she became a contortionist - traveling to shows throughout her young years. In her teens she decided to focus on becoming an actress and eventually moved to the USA to pursue this dream.

One day in her early 20s when she was working out at a gym in New York, she was suddenly struck by partial paralysis. It was a mystery - no one could figure out why this happened. After years of struggle, as Kerttu was starting to look at wheelchairs and resigning herself to a life of immobility, she discovered pilates.

Her life changed forever and she was able to start knitting her body back together. She found that pilates had both physical and emotional magical effects. She started to move again. She became strong again. And she fell in love with pilates.

Kerttu shares this story and more. You will understand her "Why Not Today?" philosophy after you listen. And you will definitely want to visit her studio if you are in Colorado.

179 - Passing the Baton to Sarah Ratzlaff

179 - Passing the Baton to Sarah Ratzlaff

September 17, 2020

It was August 2019 and I couldn't sleep. I had just received word that our biggest account had decided with no notice to simply "not take" the inventory they had committed to that season. My thigh was twitching. It didn't stop for 3 months. I couldn't stop the negative thought cycle. I'd been here before. Not this exact place, but I'd been in a position with Skirt Sports where I wasn't sure how we would get through a tough time. But never before did I question if I could actually pull us out of it.

I went from gearing up to sell my business with 3 strong, profitable growth years behind me, to losing more in one year than we had lost combined in ten years. There was no way I would find a buyer for my business and I definitely wouldn't get my dream exit.

So I did what I've learned to do over 15 years. I took action one mile at a time. One aid station at a time.

In April I realized that the COVID-era had put a stamp on our difficulties and the best decision was to close our doors. All the while I held out hope that a new owner may present herself. I know I had created something special and I hoped that there was a woman out there who had the vision, resources and guts to carry it forward.

Enter Sarah Ratzlaff. In late April 2020, she replied to a 6 month old email I had sent her and said, "I know this is pretty late, but do you still want to do a cross promotion?" I replied back, "No, I don't want to do a cross promo, but if you want to buy my company, let's talk!"

Four months later the ink is dry. Sarah Ratzlaff of the ZOOMA Women's Race Series is the new owner of Skirt Sports!

The most important question is: Who is this woman?

Sarah is a brilliant visionary. She spent her childhood in rural Kansas and her adulthood honing her craft and her passion by helping develop the RunDisney race series. She later became an entrepreneur by purchasing the ZOOMA Women's Race Series and infusing it with the new energy it needed to thrive.

She's a mom of two young kids. She loves helping women find happiness. And she is driven to make this world an equal playing field for women.

I couldn't have found a better fit. I'm honored to help bring Sarah's story to the world - it's her turn to shine!

178 - Diane Berberian’s Bucket List

178 - Diane Berberian’s Bucket List

September 6, 2020

Diane Berberian is dying. She called me a month ago and said this, "I have cancer again. It's incurable. My doctor told me to get out my bucket list." The funny thing is that she told her doctor, "My entire life has been a bucket list!" But as she thought about the things she wants to do with the time she has left, she decided to have one more amazing conversation on the podcast. To share her story, to help people figure out how to better advocate for themselves, and to leave all the gems and wisdom she has learned in a medium that isn't going away - through the podcast. 

I am emotional writing this. I was emotional during our conversation. You may be emotional listening. That's okay. That's normal. We are soon going to lose one of our bright lights and we don't want her to go. So today just let your emotions run and open your heart to Diane Berberian.

As a special gift to her, please go to her Iron Maven Facebook page. Take a minute to post what you loved most about this conversation. She wants to read it all - while she's still here. 

And add this date to your calendar:

August 22 is Diane Berberian Day - #golongfordiane and wear red/yellow on that day!

177 - Elizabeth Carr Overcame the Perfection Trap by Embracing Imperfection

177 - Elizabeth Carr Overcame the Perfection Trap by Embracing Imperfection

August 24, 2020

I met Elizabeth Carr through running. Her involvement in the world of running is not what she was originally known for but if she hadn't found running I never would have stumbled across her, as her true claim to fame is not a world I've played in. On December 28, 1981, Elizabeth was the first baby born via In-vitro fertilization in the USA. Literally THE FIRST!

What comes with that title is an early life in the public eye, a huge amount of pressure to be "perfect" or else science has failed, and an early understanding of where babies come from! Elizabeth is currently in the midst of a career transition that has found her going back to her roots. She is building a community to be a resource for people navigating the fertility world. She is passionate about helping others and has recently created a private forum - The 1st Collective - where people can safely share and discover important information during their fertility journeys.

For more on Elizabeth, check out her website and definitely visit her wikipedia page - I don't know many people who have one!

Today we talk about:

Exploring trails you've never run (figuratively and literally) Elizabeth's winding career path from the Boston Globe to Runner's World to the non-profit world to branching out on her own Following her heart, gut and passion to discover the next right thing Being 1st: literally the 1st In-vitro baby born in the USA Media circus birth, frankenbabies, tampering with Mother Nature and Playing God What it meant to grow up first Perfection standards set early: If this baby was not perfect, then "science" would take a hit Musings about Mistakes, Judgment, Fear and finally, Freedom For more on Elizabeth and to join her community go here!

Her website

The First Collective

Contact her HERE

176 - Nancy Hogshead-Makar Champion of Women, Sport & Life

176 - Nancy Hogshead-Makar Champion of Women, Sport & Life

August 13, 2020

Nancy Hogshead was one of my childhood heroes. She was an Olympic swimming star at the age when I was a rising star. She set her first American record at age 14, won 4 Olympic medals and countless titles along the way. She was a full-package powerhouse with brains, beauty and as she says in this interview, "Talent was dripping from my fingers."

Today Nancy is a civil rights attorney. Her focus mainly lies in two areas: Equal rights for women in sport and stopping the pervasive sexual abuse that continues to happen in sports today. Her story is incredible. Her experiences all lead her so perfectly to this place in life. That doesn't mean her experiences have all been rosy. Nancy was shunned as a young swimmer which taught her resilience. She had to deal with the frustration and heartbreak of missing the 1980 Olympics due to the USA boycott. And when she was at Duke University, she was brutally raped which led to major PTSD and a long emotional recovery. Despite all of this, she went on to be the most decorated athlete and one of America's sweethearts at the 1984 Olympics with three golds and a silver medal.

Nancy is fun, open, honest and shares the greatest stories. I was laughing so hard for much of this conversation. As you listen, you will want to support her efforts for equality. The most important thing you can do is add your signature to support greater protections for TEAM USA athletes here.

Today we talk about:

Growing up a swimmer The LUCK involved in getting THE Eddie Reese as your first ever coach at age 7! Then Randy Reese when you move! How hard should we push our kids Aspen Institute - resource for parents in regards to youth sports Taking the LONG TERM approach to sport and health (mental and physical) Nancy's birth story (see pic below!) Rambles about our own parenting philosophies The Flow State: how Nancy discovered flow as a way to handle the pressure Sex assault: Nancy was raped while running at Duke University: PTSD, recovery & what Duke did right Nancy's path to becoming a champion of women: Nancy's causes today: Equal rights for women in sport and dismantling the culture of sex abuse in sports

Plus many references including:

Aspen Institute Sally Roberts: Wrestle like a Girl Pablo Morales Eddie & Randy Reese Athlete A - help pass House Bill 7881 that was unanimously passed in the Senate Bill 2330

Nancy is a force. We could have talked for hours and gone down many more rabbit holes. I asked her after the interview what workout she did beforehand. We had both just come in from some exercise. Her answer is here and one of the reasons I adore her. All right then, that's it for today. You know what time it is. It's time to get out there and Run This World. Have a great workout and I'll see you next week.

175 - How Cindie Collins Learned to Hold On & Let Go

175 - How Cindie Collins Learned to Hold On & Let Go

August 1, 2020

I met Cindie Collins through the amazing Skirt Sports ambassador community. In 2019, she was one of the featured speakers at the Skirt Ambassador retreat. Her talk was called STROKE - Suffer The Results Or Kickass Everyday. When Cindie was 27 years old, she was pushing hard, working three jobs and striving for what she thought she needed to do to perform and succeed. Then she had a stroke. Because she was so young, it was not a quick or easy diagnosis.

Over the years, and through her recovery (which continues today), Cindie has found comfort in this concept: She has been guided through every stage of her life and everything has happened for a reason. It's such a simple concept, especially in a world where we want to have control (or at least believe that we control). When we step back and allow ourselves to be guided, we find more peace and true gratitude. That's my hope for you after listening today: May you find peace and gratitude for yourself and your circumstances.

More topics we cover:

Experiencing a stroke at 27: Signs, symptoms & how she was finally diagnosed Put yourself on the list: give yourself as much love and attention as you give everyone else This: "I didn't live in my body back then." Support: Why your network is critical for healing Becoming heart-centered: Changing career from hard-driving educator to massage therapist/healer Running: the shift from driving/pushing/going to giving permission to simply move and appreciate Appreciating YOUR Epic The Sit Spot: Finding something that is Just For You Skirt Sports Community: Even if the uniting product no longer exists, the community will because WE LIFT EACH OTHER UP And so much more

Hang with Cindie on Facebook & shoot her a message - as she said, she doesn't need to impact the masses, just one person at a time. ❤️

174 - Amanda McCracken 41 Year Old Virgin No Longer

174 - Amanda McCracken 41 Year Old Virgin No Longer

July 18, 2020

Amanda McCracken is many things: award-winning writer, ultrarunner, massage therapist, daughter, wife, soon-to-be-mom, and more recently than you'd expect, no longer a virgin. I've known of Amanda for years; we run in the same athletic circles in Boulder, Colorado. What's funny is that she's a little more well-known for her outspoken writing about a topic that many consider taboo - virginity.

Amanda remained a virgin until well into her 40s. This is not to say that she didn't date or have sexual relations with men, but she simply continued to hold onto her virginity. Over time it became an empowering thing for her, but it also held her back in certain ways. The root of it was her development of relationship patterns early on. And once she fell into the patterns of chasing, being unavailable, and pushing people away, the more she formed an identity around it.

We have a great conversation around relationships, self-growth, forming and shedding identities, accepting change and allowing ourselves to open up and be vulnerable.

How we develop relationship patterns: The chase, the push away, the devastation Overthinking: how to stop this pattern Dealing with rejection when she said she was ready How she learned to accept and allow herself to receive love Why was she uninterested in guys who were fully available to her The slow burn romance with her husband, Dave Amanda's deep relationship with her grandma: how it was the catalyst for so many decisions in her life Making important decisions: We all have our own processes Running: she "ran the crazy out" over the years Identity: How we wrap our identities around certain things that become important to us so it's harder to change them or let go of them Longing: Keep your eyes out for her future book "How Longing Became My Lover" Some parenting chatter: Amanda asked me questions about parenting - she's clearly a journalist! And so much more

For more Amanda, follow her on social media @amandajmccracken and check out her website!

More articles here:

Huff Post: "I waited until I was 41 to lose my virginity. But was it worth It?"

NY Times: "Finally, a Wedding. It Was About Time."

173 - Maria Solis Belizaire “In Order to Create Change, We Have to Work Together for it”

173 - Maria Solis Belizaire “In Order to Create Change, We Have to Work Together for it”

July 1, 2020

Maria Solis Belizaire is a powerhouse with a vision. In her early 30s, she found the life-altering power of running and wanted to share it with other people from her community. The problem is that she couldn't find them! She knew some Latinos who run, but they definitely didn't attend races in substantial numbers. And when she talked to people in her community, she realized that there was a preconception that Latinos are fat, lazy, don't like to exercise, and were definitely not runners.

The power of visibility is so important. Until you see someone who looks like you doing an activity, you may not realize that you can do it too. In 2016, she started Latinos Run (and now also Latinas Run) to bring awareness to the sport and to show Latinos that running can change their lives for the better. She's been on a mission ever since. Today we talk about:

Running: how she found the sport Racial disparity in running Latinos Run & Latinas Run: the genesis of these organizations Her family: how important family is to her Racism: With a mixed race background - her dad is Belizean/Mexican and her mom is Puerto Rican - she has darker skin than her siblings and experienced racism even within her own community Her advice: how companies can show more representation and invest in more diverse communities Visibility: the power of seeing people who look like you doing activities Her magnetic appeal (especially to older white men!) Her mindset in three chapters: 14-15 years old, 30 years old, now

Check out her TedX talk here!

172 - Darrietta Lee Transformed & Empowered

172 - Darrietta Lee Transformed & Empowered

June 22, 2020

I first met Darrietta in person at the 2018 Skirt Sports Ambassador Retreat in Boulder, Colorado. She stood out from the crowd as our only black muslim athlete but she also blended in so perfectly with her shared commitment to health and fitness that our ambassador community prioritizes. I knew I needed to have her on the podcast; I just wasn't sure when it would happen.

We actually got some dates on the calendar earlier this year - and then COVID hit. So we delayed. And then Ahmaud Arbery was murdered. And then Breonna Taylor. And then George Floyd. And our country erupted. Over the past month, Darrietta has been a bold, strong, courageous voice in the movement to FINALLY end racial injustice in our country. Something that may actually be possible - if we unite together to make it happen.

Even with the emotions flooding the country, we both knew this was exactly the time to get Darrietta on the show. To amplify her voice. To help us both understand and gain some direction to personally push the movement forward. You will definitely want to follow her on Instagram @concrete_rose_lifts

At the end of the interview I asked the meaning behind her handle and she said that it symbolizes that has risen from a tough, barren landscape and blossomed into something beautiful. Truth!

Today we talk about:

Growing up on the south side of Chicago Her mother's drug addiction and how she started living a "double life" as she dealt with it Turning to gangs for community and support Finding the Nation of Islam & leaving gang life Advocating for herself and other women as early as high school when she successfully petitioned her school to include Black History as a subject Getting married at 18 and having her first of three kids at 19 The day her health became her priority (No, the day she decided to put herself first) Her weight loss journey: both nutrition and running/fitness Being a black muslim female athlete: resources and advice Racial injustice: Her efforts & her advice to others The small changes make a big difference Be an ally and stand up when you hear something that isn't right No matter what, put yourself first.

Darrietta is a force and her light is only getting brighter. Be sure to follow her as she attempts to become the first "older" black muslim women powerlifter to compete at a meet!

Other resources and shoutouts:

@liawearaction @sistersofpowerlifting @jogonsportswear

171 - “Being Positive is a Choice I Make Every Single Day” Kristen Horler of Momleta

171 - “Being Positive is a Choice I Make Every Single Day” Kristen Horler of Momleta

May 31, 2020

Kristen Horler is living an intentional life. She makes sh*t happen, not in a spastic, compulsive way, but with careful thought about the message she wants to put out in the world. Over 18 years ago, Kristen had a baby. It turns out that baby birthed a business. She found herself craving connection while attempting to regain her fitness and she couldn't find a program that catered to moms with babies. You either had to wait until the baby was older and bring them to a gym that had childcare or you had to get a babysitter so you could leave your baby at home to work on yourself.

One day she decided to grab some other new mom friends, bring her baby along, and do a workout together in a park. It was a massive hit. Not only did the moms get a productive workout, they didn't have to worry about leaving their babies behind. Pretty soon, there was a big group of women working out together with their babies, so Kristen started crafting stroller-inclusive exercises and moves that included baby-carrying. Then the idea became contagious and spread from northern California to Texas to cities all across the country and Baby Boot Camp was officially off and running.

Kristen went from being a fitness guru to a full-on entrepreneur with a thriving nation-wide franchise. The years went on and Kristen grew the business and honed her craft. She has experienced the ups and downs that come with almost two decades of owning a business. The celebrations and the doubts. And more recently, a rebirth to Momleta - a community of resources that serve the whole mom from health and fitness to nutrition and lifestyle guidance.

Kristen is a truly inspirational woman who is living her calling every single day. Today we talk about:

Kristen's path to entrepreneurship: She started as a pastry chef! (Did you know a pound cake is called a pound cake because it uses a pound of butter and a pound of sugar?) Starting a business out of necessity The difference between perceiving yourself as an athlete versus being athletic How she rediscovered rowing decades after she stopped the sport The key to staying positive Why having fun with fitness is important The power of helping women and creating a community of women with shared values The Pause It's what you do most of the time, not some of the time, that matters most Her philosophy on nutrition: You should enjoy the food you eat Vegan lentil loaf: This is a must-make recipe especially for a plant-based Thanksgiving, but really for anytime! Focus on priorities, then set your values And so much more

For more Kristen Horler and to get involved with Momleta check out these links! - Virtual classes are now available!

Social media: @momleta_hq & @kristenhorler

Check out this fun media clip :)

170 - Let’s Just Go to the Workshop - How the Breuner Twins Restarted a Furniture Empire

170 - Let’s Just Go to the Workshop - How the Breuner Twins Restarted a Furniture Empire

May 24, 2020

Heidi and Gretchen Breuner are identical twins who live next door to each other and work side by side. They've always been best friends (except for that one time that Heidi etched "I'm mad at Mom and Gretchen" in the windowsill in second grade) and they've always supported each other. What makes their current story so amazing is that it happened by accident.

Overnight, Heidi's exciting startup, Swap T's, went bust when coronavirus hit and shut down schools. It was an interactive tee shirt company that encouraged connection and communication with kids aged K-2. From the first distribution of tees at a school, it was obvious that the concept was working when the shyest kid in the class was suddenly engaged with the others as they excitedly shared stories about their patches. In fact, Swap Ts had so much potential that Heidi's husband quit his job and Gretchen started working with her too.

So when schools closed, and the business had no future before it had really even taken off, Heidi and her husband did what they always did in times of uncertainty - they went into the workshop. That day, unknowingly, they reignited the flame of their iconic family business - Breuners Furniture - a business that had been shut down due to a long ago family feud.

Their story is exactly what we need right now.

For more on the Breuners:

Breuner Furtniture website Order a table or hat or more: Heck, just send them your ideas! Follow them on social @breunersfurniture

169 - Keep Showing Up with Sara Dean of the Shameless Mom Academy

169 - Keep Showing Up with Sara Dean of the Shameless Mom Academy

May 11, 2020

Sara Dean is the creator and host of the Shameless Mom Academy Podcast, a top rated podcast with over 2 million downloads.  Sara’s biggest passion is helping women own their space.  After enduring her own identity crisis following the birth of her son, Sara took her background in psychology/health/wellness and rebuilt her identity, one step at a time.  Sara motivates and inspires women to stop shrinking and start shining.  She is on a mission to inspire women and moms, in particular, to live bigger, bolder, braver #everydamnday.

I had the honor of being featured on her podcast - the Shameless Mom Academy Podcast - Episode 344. We talked openly about all the things that have made us who we are today. And we had so much fun that I vowed to get her on my show when the time was right. So when the pandemic struck and we were thrust into new roles as stay at home parents and virtual workers, I decided Sara was exactly who I needed to chat with. What I love most about her is that she truly is her authentic self every day. By being unashamedly true to herself, she gives other women the permission and freedom to do the same.  

Today we talk about:

Imperfection: why this is the key to happiness Core values: We have a big conversation about creating your own! Identity crises throughout life: How to get through these transitions Her infertility journey The importance of community and connection What she means by a transformation program And so much more

For more Sara Dean:

Momentum Mamas membership community Tenacious Mamas business & leadership mastermind Shameless Mom Academy Podcast Her Website Follow her on social @shamelessmomacademy

168 - Trust the Process with Superstar Runner Neely Spence Gracey

168 - Trust the Process with Superstar Runner Neely Spence Gracey

April 29, 2020

Neely Spence Gracey is not only a superstar runner, she's a superstar person. I met Neely many years ago at the Skirt Sports Half Marathon. She was a young, aspiring runner who was fortunately unsponsored at the time and looking for a training race. I gave her a skirt and a free entry and she won the race handily! I felt like she was a baby just getting ready for a big adventure.

Today Neely has a baby! She's also an Adidas sponsored athlete, a world class marathoner, and a hands-on, passionate coach of runners of all levels. I have always appreciated her positive outlook, something that I think we need now more than ever. 

Today we talk about:

Becoming a runner Breakouts, Burnout & Comebacks The importance of changing things up Her untraditional start to marriage Coaching the coach Pregnancy and running "Life as you know it will end. 100% But for the better" Positive mindset power And so much more

For more Neely:

Her website:

Follow her on social @neelysgracey

167 - Mike Reilly the Voice that Brings You Home

167 - Mike Reilly the Voice that Brings You Home

April 22, 2020

Mike Reilly has called over 350,000 athletes across the finish lines of over 180 IRONMAN races around the world for the last 30 years. People spend months and even years dreaming about the day that they will cross the line of their dream race and hear these four words, "You are an IRONMAN!" Mike has literally become a symbol of accomplishment for so many people. He is the finish line voice that puts the final stamp on a journey that changes lives. Mike does not take this lightly. He understands the responsibility of his role in this transformational moment.

Mike started his professional life in a classroom, but was quickly lured to southern California to work in the running industry with his brother. He got into the sport of triathlon and fell in love with the lifestyle. And he still loves it today - deeply and passionately. Mike became an announcer by accident and we're lucky he did. He's one of the best people on the planet and if you ever have the chance to be called across a finish line by him, all I can say is soak it in.

Our conversation is fun, deep, insightful and inspiring. Plus there is an appearance by the elusive Tim DeBoom!

We cover:

Finish Lines Control: We are the cause of our own experiences Corona Era Musings When a job is actually a passion or as Mike says, he is "playing with my passion" Mike's roots: Special Ed Teacher turned running store owner turned shoe rep Accidental entrance into race announcing How Mike was signed up for Kona, but was invited to announce instead. He never did the race and has no regrets! The phrase that changes lives: 4 important words Taking care of ourselves trumps everything It's in the giving that we receive And so much more

For more Mike Reilly

Buy his book "Finding My Voice" Contact him here Follow him on social media @ironmanvoice

166 - Embracing the Suck with Olympian Katie Hoff

166 - Embracing the Suck with Olympian Katie Hoff

April 16, 2020

Katie Hoff is a swimming legend. She swam at the world level from the age of 15 when she qualified for her first Olympics (2004) until 2015 when she retired, a move that was accelerated by a rare issue that caused blood clots in her lungs. Because they weren't diagnosed immediately, the remaining scar tissue caused her lungs to function at less than 100%, decidedly not good enough to compete at the world level any longer. After retirement, Katie has gone through all the emotions, trials and tribulations that a world class athlete could deal with while searching for her purpose beyond the pool. She is a work in progress, and the lessons she shares are relevant to all of us, no matter what age and stage we're in.

As a former swimmer, I loved connecting with Katie. I could relate to her drive, work ethic, total immersion in all things swimming, the highest highs and the lowest lows. Of course I could only relate at a fraction because Katie was literally the best swimmer on the planet at one point. But here's the magic that Katie delivers. Even though she was at the very top echelon of a sport many people are afraid of, the lessons she has learned can transcend into anyone's lives.

Today we talk about:

How one becomes the best swimmer in the world Competitive drive from a very young age Homeschooling: some advice for parents who are now homeschooling due to coronavirus All the things that come with competing at the highest level: Pressure, patience, hard work, motivation, learning to listen to your gut, passion, obsession & more Fast rise: competing in the Olympics at age 15 Why a silver medal didn't feel complete Coming back and stopping short: Blood clots in her lungs Embracing the suck: Why this philosophy will get you the results you want

For more Katie Hoff

Follow her on Instagram @kthoff7 Do her dryland workouts

165 - Damiana Corca Helps People Sleep Easily

165 - Damiana Corca Helps People Sleep Easily

April 3, 2020

Damiana Corca is a sleep specialist. She discovered her passion for helping people solve their sleep issues after moving to the US from Romania and earning her acupuncture degree. Damiana is open, honest and she truly cares about the well-being of her clients. She is basically an expert puzzle-solver. People come to her with issues and it's her job to figure out the core so she doesn't waste time simply treating the symptoms.

Today she shares so much more than tips and tricks to better sleep - I promise she also shares these in a big way! She shares her journey which is interesting and complex, filled with love, heartbreak and transformation. And she leaves all of you with an amazing gift in the form of a custom e-book called "The Hour Before Sleep." Click here to sign up and you'll get practical tools to help with that important hour before you close your eyes each night.

This episode includes:

Damiana's early years as one of eight children growing up in Romania Feeling unseen Her calling as a teacher: How Damiana started a stopped both a teaching degree and a law degree Finding acupuncture and the power of healing others Her path to specializing in sleep Sleep 101: how much we need & what happens when we don't get it Causes that can lead to poor sleep: stress, hormones, digestive issues, toxic overload Napping: how to nap properly Some tips on setting up your sleep space And so much more

Don't forget to sign up for her free ebook "The Hour Before Sleep."

For more on Damiana:

Click here for a free consult FB & IG @drdamianacorca

164 - Exercise is a Lifestyle with Christie Bruner

164 - Exercise is a Lifestyle with Christie Bruner

March 29, 2020

Christie Bruner is an entrepreneur, swim coach, trainer, Girls on the Run coach, MRTT leader, healthy school advocate, Community Engagement Supervisor for Healthy St Pete, wife & mom of three daughters. That is a lot for one person to take on in this world. As you listen to Christie and start to understand her philosophy on life, you'll see how she does it - by prioritizing the most important things and carving off everything else that doesn't align.

I met Christie at the Skirt Sports Half Marathon about six years ago - she was drawn to our message of positivity and inclusivity. The funny thing is that we grew up in the same town, both hard core swimmers, with a lifelong focus on health and fitness. Christie is a Skirt ambassador who passionately shares her health and fitness philosophy with everyone around her. Her focus has expanded from personal health goals to advocating for her daughters so that they too will have access to the things that help form a foundation for lifelong wellness. The trick when advocating for others is to make sure you don't lose track of yourself along the way. I think you'll appreciate Christie's approach to all of this and more.

Today we talk about:

The importance of a flexible mindset as it applies to both proactive and reactive approaches to issues in life Entrepreneur life: Specifically Momtrepreneur life with a Baby Boot Camp franchise Exercise as a lifestyle: Modeling fitness behavior for kids Why we need to celebrate the little victories Action for Healthy Kids: Apply for a grant to make change in your children's lives Recess Mom: Why Christie advocated for 20 minutes of unstructured, uninterrupted recess for her children Taking time for yourself when you're so busy taking time for others Why doing sports is so important as a child: Christie's swimming background Fear of failure: Christie wrote her thesis on mental blocks & training yourself to move around them Finding comfort in discomfort

For more on Christie:

Instagram @brunerbabes3 Apply for a grant through Action for Healthy Kids: they extended their deadline through May 31 Check out what she's doing through Healthy St Pete's

163 - Mirna Valerio Leans Into Joy

163 - Mirna Valerio Leans Into Joy

March 17, 2020

Mirna Valerio is back for her sixth appearance on the podcast. What makes this woman so special? It could be her courage to step beyond perceived limitations to tackle the impossible. It could be her unapologetic approach to her unconventional lifestyle. It could be that she welcomes all into her fold. It could be that she's just so damn smart, funny and nonjudgmental. I'll make it easy and just say - all of the above!

This episode is being aired at a very unique time. We are literally weeks into the global Coronavirus pandemic that is spreading like wildfire and has created fear, anxiety, and depression. Events are canceled, travel is suspended, businesses are closing, people are getting laid off, schools are closed and families have been advised to stop interacting with others. It's not looking good at the moment. We have literally never seen anything like this before, and I hope we never will again.

This is exactly when we need to hear from people who bring us joy. People who find the positive, the opportunity, in the chaos. People who make us smile. This is when we need to hear from Mirna. We talk about a huge range of topics related to the current state of the world and then I just ask her to share some stories that will create some positivity.

Please follow and support Mirna in one or more of the following ways:

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162 - Ali Kearney’s Journey from Self Harm to Self Love

162 - Ali Kearney’s Journey from Self Harm to Self Love

March 10, 2020

Trigger warning: This episode contains discussions about self-injury and disordered eating.

Ali Kearney is gorgeous, vibrant, healthy and entrenched in the world of running and fitness. When she smiles, it blinds everyone around her with love, light and positivity. Like so many of us, you would never guess the struggles she has endured to get here. That is, unless she's wearing a bikini and you can see the actual scars she bears. Ali spent much of her formative teen years and early 20s battling depression and anxiety. Here's how she coped; by cutting herself. And later, by adopting restrictive eating. It wasn't until she found the power and freedom of running that she moved out of her self destructive patterns and into the positive life she leads today.

Ali is a Skirt Sports Ambassador - she's been on our bandwagon so long that she is now considered a Legacy Ambassador, part of the community because she loves our message of encouragement and inclusiveness. As I have gotten to know her, I understand this more than ever. She felt so alone for so many years, that the power of a group of women supporting each other is exactly what she needs now.

I find it so inspiring to truly understand Ali's path out of the dark and into the light. Today we talk about the following and so much more:

Depression and Anxiety: How it can manifest as a child - in her case due to a major move during a difficult age Body image: At 11, she gained weight due to celiac diagnosis which while improved her health, added to her conflicted self image How she found and used cutting as a release for her anxiety Why and how she finally stopped cutting Coping mechanism transfer: From cutting to restrictive eating Positive relationships are critical to moving forward Overcoming childhood perceptions of ourselves: Ali was diagnosed with asthma as a child so running wasn't really an option Running became her new outlet - in a very positive way: "I never used running to inflict harm on my body." Apps to help when the urge strikes: Calm Harm app The catharsis of writing: Check out her blog!

For more Ali Kearney, check out the resources here:

Instagram @abk_runs Facebook Blog:

161 - Pelvic Floor 101 with Carolyn Yates Plus Incontinence, Kegels & Orgasms

161 - Pelvic Floor 101 with Carolyn Yates Plus Incontinence, Kegels & Orgasms

March 4, 2020

Carolyn Yates is a healer - of an area that many women are afraid to talk about - pelvic floors. When we first chatted about the upcoming interview, she said, "Women should not have to suffer in silence about their pelvic floors." I agree - time to end the suffering! The only way to do that is to have open, candid conversations about body parts that can be very uncomfortable to discuss. It's funny - I've always had a bit of an aversion to using medical terms for various body parts and functions. Today we get into all of them: Vaginas, the uterus, rectums, feces, orgasms, urine, you name it.

The pelvic floor is the the center of the conversation, and as it turns out, our bodies! Carolyn gives a visual demo of how to locate your pelvic floor during the conversation and we say kegel a lot which will make you feel like you're getting a workout just listening, because who doesn't immediately kegel when you hear the word kegel?

Today we cover:

How Carolyn became a Pelvic Floor Therapist : the crazy nature of group classes with student exams The Obtrator Internus: A hip stabilizer that can only be accessed internally (vaginally or rectally) What pelvic floor therapy (PFT) is: What you can expect if you go to a PFT Who can benefit from PFT: It's not just for old women or women who have given birth Athletes and pregnancy: How to prep your body for birth from a pelvic floor perspective After birth: How to get rolling again - check out her Return to Run Program here Prolapse: What it is and how to treat it Orgasms: How pelvic floor therapy can make your orgasms better Periods: Ways to limit the discomfort through PFT Incontinence: Stress, Urge and Mixed And a bunch of prying questions about Carolyn's personal life: Relationships, running, dancing, and more

To get some more of Carolyn, check out:

Her website

Instagram @verity_ptw

Facebook @verityptw

Her Youtube channel

160 - “You are the One You’ve Been Waiting For” with Julie Piatt

160 - “You are the One You’ve Been Waiting For” with Julie Piatt

February 27, 2020

I became aware of Julie Piatt and the amazing things she is doing to make this world a better place through a person she calls her polar opposite, her husband, Rich Roll, episode 122 "Rich Roll on the Other Side of the Mic." So it's not surprising that we start by launching into the power of attraction, friction, and her ultimate realization that in order to best love and support her husband, she needed to separate herself from his journey.

I'm getting ahead of myself, but that's what it feels like to chat with Julie. I went into the interview with a whole list of topics I thought we might cover, but as we embarked on each one, so many new topics presented themselves that I had trouble keeping up. I realized that I needed to separate myself from the interview and just let Julie shine bright - this is her gift to the world.

Julie Piatt is an old soul who was born waiting for the time that she could break free to follow her own path. Her maternal grandfather was a Chilean energy healer; as she says, "We all know one person like me." She's a born healer who herself has been healing and growing and sharing her energy with anyone lucky enough to come across her. I realized partway through this interview that all I needed to do was give her the room to share her wisdom on a range of topics. We could have talked for another hour, but I'll save all those other topics (& the ones I don't even know about yet) for a future episode.

Today she shares the following and so much more:

Marriage: Her journey with Rich Roll How polar opposites can create the most rewarding union Letting go of the dream that we have to live the same path as our partner & embracing that our journeys can be different Divine Love is like the sun: It loves everything in creation without judgment Her growth experiences during a nine year period of financial collapse Learning how to receive & learning how to give Her DFO (Don't Freak Out) philosophy Motherhood: Be open to the lessons your kids are teaching you Her childhood in Alaska as the youngest of five children Born-again Christian at 11, experimenting with drugs at 12, done with all that at 16 How we can help those we know who are suffering Her passionate thoughts on why we need to stop consuming meat and dairy: check out Paul Hawken's Project Drawdown. Plant eating is the #4 way we can reverse global warming Srimu: It's not just a Not Cheese Company - Do Life. Not Cheese. Damanhur Retreats (and others): For people who are ready to uncover their spiritual missions And so much more

I believe Julie's special talent is to help others uncover their special talents - and this all starts with remembering who we are at the core so we can live our authentic life missions. After hearing this episode, you may need some time to absorb. There are many messages that hit home. To get in touch with Julie and learn more about all the things she does to help other people, check out her website:

Other fun Julie Piatt stuff!

"For The Life Of Me" Podcast Water Tiger community Her cookbooks: This Cheese is Nuts and two PlantPower Way cookbooks Her beautiful music Episodes of Rich Roll Podcast featuring Julie Instagram @srimati

159 - “What’s the Best That Can Happen?” plus CBD, Brain Injuries & More with Pamela Robichaud

159 - “What’s the Best That Can Happen?” plus CBD, Brain Injuries & More with Pamela Robichaud

February 21, 2020

Pamela Robichaud is many things: Physical therapist, entrepreneur, athlete, road warrior, daughter, sister, wife and lover of spuds. Pamela and I go way back. I met her when she was a Skirt Ambassador, recruited by her husband Jon Robichaud (note: men don't usually recruit women to our brand!). The funny thing is that she quit being an ambassador to go on a year-long road trip - a life-changing experience prompted by many things including their decision to stop trying to have kids and a very scary bike crash. Big decisions often happen when we go through events that bring us perspective. In this case, they decided it was time to take a different road. They bought a camper van and went on the road for a year.

Today I know Pamela mostly for her work as a body healer and entrepreneur. She and Jon took their passion for health and fitness as they became founding members of iKor, a Boulder-based CBD brand focused on helping endurance athletes recover better. CBD is a big buzzword these days, but there is still a lot of misconception around what it actually is and how it can help us. We cut through the hype and get to the heart of the matter. CBD is very personal; people take it for all sorts of reasons and with a range of results. From there we go on a fun ride of topics that resonate with just about everyone on some level including (but not limited to!):

Startup life: iKor Labs is working to make athletes' lives better CBD in all its glory: Basic scientific background, recovery, sleep, anxiety, depression and other benefits iKor products: Daily, Topical, Recovery Shots iKor discount: Use code RecoverBetter for 20% off! Placebo effects and why they aren't a bad thing either way Boundaries: how she learned to protect hers Brain injuries & how they can affect an entire family: Pamela's brother, Nicolas, and his accident 15 years ago Physical Therapy: What led Pamela to pursue this career Her work at Koa Fit with the amazing Brenna Backe Relationships: the long, winding road of Pamela's great love story Changing direction on one of life's big topics: Kids The Boston Bombing Being tickled, spuds and more

Pamela is smart, funny, real, compassionate and badass. She's someone we could all use a little more of in our lives. Follow her on social and be sure to use the code RecoverBetter for 20% off iKor products!



158 - Remember to Breathe with Melissa Wolak

158 - Remember to Breathe with Melissa Wolak

February 14, 2020

I reached out to Melissa Wolak because I wanted to get someone on the show who could talk about habits. I read "The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg a few years ago and I've been intrigued by the concept of creating positive habits and eliminating unhelpful habits so we can live happier lives. It seems to me that if we really want to achieve something or make meaningful change in our lives, we need to make sometimes difficult changes, and let's face it, change is one of the hardest concepts for people to embrace.

Melissa is a transformational and mindset coach. Sounds fancy, but it's really simple. Her mission is to help you build a foundation for change that will empower you no matter how you choose to dance on your path and what rhythm you go with. She can help you find your path, stay on your path, or develop tools to blaze your path in a bigger way.

I love Melissa's approach. She is practical, empowering, gentle when needed and incredibly mindful. Today we talk about:

Pause and Breathe: This theme is repeated many times through the episode. This is the key to forward change as it precedes the most important concept - Awareness. How does one become a transformational and mindset coach? Melissa's career path from speech language cognitive therapy to life coach Her long, winding path to understanding gut health: gluten intolerance caused many other issues Habit change in all its glory: baby steps What the heck is mindfulness? Melissa's definition "Being present in the moment without judgment or criticism" When the teacher becomes the student: Melissa's concussion and recovery Her three nonnegotiable habits: Diet, Outside time, Gratitude And so much more

If you take one thing away from this episode it is this: Pause. Breathe. Check in with yourself. Why are you feeling the way you feel? Get to the bottom of it before you take the next action. Pause. Breathe. Check in. Pause Breathe. Check in. I know I will be working on implementing this new habit. Let me know if you are too!

For more Melissa, check her out here!

Work with Melissa

Instagram @melissahwolak

Facebook Melissa.h.wolak

157 - “I Have to Love Myself” - Tunde Borrego on Relapse, Sex, Affairs & Yoga

157 - “I Have to Love Myself” - Tunde Borrego on Relapse, Sex, Affairs & Yoga

February 4, 2020

I met Tunde Borrego at Core Power Yoga. It was my second ever yoga class, Tunde was my instructor, and I remember thinking to myself, "I'm not sure what the heck is going on, but there's something about this woman." After class, she told me, "Just give me three tries before you decide if you like me.

Well guess what? I like Tunde. A lot. I realized that at each class I really looked forward to her energy and the freedom to simply be me in class. Each time she taught, Tunde was share a new insight about herself and each time she shared, I thought, "There is so much more to this woman than I ever imagined." Finally I told her about my podcast and asked her to come on the show.

The cool thing about this episode is that I didn't know Tunde's background beforehand. All I knew were the snippets she shared in class and my gut feeling that we would have an awesome conversation. I promise it does not disappoint.

Today we talk about:

Relationships: Marriage, affairs, divorce and more Alcoholism: becoming sober and relapsing Sex Sex and more Sex 😍 Yoga in all its glory & shout out to CorePower Yoga Mantras for self-love and forgiveness: May you be well. May you be at peace. Thank you for the lessons. Self-loathing: "My body was my enemy" Bulimia: Emotional eating started at 14 Self-acceptance leads to self-love The Peace Tree: why she needs to hike there every day "When I can be of service, that's when I feel the best." Her short stint in jail & how she now teaches yoga in jail

For more on Tunde, check out her yoga classes here

Tunde's IG @tunderose

Cool interview on Powerful Ladies

156 - Lauren Beihoffer - It’s Never Too Late to Take Care of You

156 - Lauren Beihoffer - It’s Never Too Late to Take Care of You

January 23, 2020

Lauren Beihoffer Runs Wild. That's her instagram handle - and it perfectly sums up the path her life has taken. She is a complex woman with many layers that are often outside of her control. Lauren is a depression and anxiety warrior, a mom of three boys (two of whom are adopted from other countries) and a runner. These three pillars have wound around each other over the years, ultimately shaping who she is today.

We have a great conversation that flows through the course of Lauren's life, uncovering many of the pivotal moments, bigger decisions she's made and how she has not only endured but truly thrived. One of the things I find incredibly critical is that even as she navigated her young child's depression and anxiety, she had never reached out for help with her own. It wasn't until last year when she started a course of therapy, meds & running (definitely running!) that she has found a place of understanding and peace within herself.

I think you will appreciate Lauren's openness and candor with topics and experiences that can be difficult and often controversial. Today we talk about:

Motherhood: making the decision to adopt The adoption process: Specifically for her sons River from Vietnam and Avi from Hong Kong Getting pregnant biologically after she was told it wouldn't happen! Choosing to minimize her career as a biochemist and focus on parenting The truth of the phrase "I didn't know what I was getting into" as it applies to adoption, specifically a child with special needs Having a biological baby when everyone already thinks of you as a mom and you don't know what you're doing! Depression and anxiety as a child Getting treatment for depression and anxiety as an adult Meds: the controversy Managing marriage through the muck: The "Sit and Wait" approach Running as one of her greatest joys The Trail Sloth: "I'm not fast but I will always finish."

For more of the amazing Lauren Beihoffer:

Instagram @lauren_runswild

155 - Laura Bergmann Helps You Get Unstuck

155 - Laura Bergmann Helps You Get Unstuck

January 16, 2020

I came across Laura Bergmann through former guest Betsy Hartley who told me she had heard Laura speak and was blown away at the work she is doing to help people get moving again. Laura is a Fascia Warrior. She is on the front lines of a field of work that has largely been untapped in the world of exercise physiology.

What is fascia? This is how Laura describes it on her website: A Magical Matrix Of Awesome!

Fascia is a sensory organ.  Fascia is very densely woven, covering and interpenetrating every muscle, bone, nerve, artery and vein, as well as, all of our internal organs including the heart, lungs, brain and spinal cord.

Laura stumbled into this field through her own physical struggles, from people telling her she couldn't do things like run, so she decided to figure out how she COULD. Multiple degrees and many triathlons and marathons later, Laura is one of the leading fascia workers in our country. She's not only trained to help our bodies heal, but she takes a holistic approach that includes our emotional and spiritual selves.

Today you'll hear about all of this and more:

Therapy animals Oxytocin: how this hormone is important to multiple aspects of our lives Getting to the root of the issue: the pain is usually just the side effect and not the cause Cellular life is dependent on...water (Cell life) Fascia Fascia Fascia Treat your body when you know something's not right; not after it all blows up Become your own advocate Hardware vs Software (anatomically speaking) Body awareness is the key The Aging Athlete: Why Less is OK Do your best TODAY!

Laura is a very motivational person. I believe that Laura is driven by a pure and total belief in the work she does - in her case, it started with patient zero - herself. She found something wonderful that helped make her life better and she learned how to share this gift with so many others. For more on Laura or to work with her directly, please visit her website and follow her on social.

Laura recommends some resources for all who are interested in learning more!

Fascia What Is It And Why It Matters, David Lesondak Functional Fascia Training with BlackRoll, Lutz Graumann Fascial Fitness, Robert Schliep Functional Atlas of the Human Fascial System, Carla Stecco

She is available to teach a master class for trainers, coaches, regular public, and practitioners on self myofascial release and corrective exercise homework and training fascially. Contact her for more info.

Check out BlackRoll tools for self fascia work. She uses them on herself so highly recommended!

Allright that's it for today. You know what time it is. It's time to get out there and run this world. Have a great workout and we'll see you next week!

154 - Ian Powell Lost his Grip and Found it Again: Drugs, Prison, Climbing & Creation

154 - Ian Powell Lost his Grip and Found it Again: Drugs, Prison, Climbing & Creation

January 4, 2020

I met Ian Powell over four years ago when we were trying to sublet our offices in Boulder. There was something about him that struck me as different, so I went home and googled him. This is what I found - a 2013 article by Caroline Treadway in Rock & Ice that begins like this, "Ian Powell hit bottom three years ago on Thanksgiving in a dumpster near Denver. Huddled under a layer of trash, he was freezing, dope-sick and hadn’t eaten for days."

Turns out Ian has led an extremely interesting life, so interesting that it may be a miracle that he's still with us today. You would think that after reading about his brushes with death and destruction, drugs and prison, I may elect to NOT rent our space to him, but the opposite was actually true. I was both intrigued by his sordid past and inspired by his ability to turn it all around. I didn't even have a podcast yet, but I knew that one day I would need to learn more about his story.

Ian is the founder of Kilter Grips - a Boulder company that makes grips for climbing walls. If you've ever climbed in an indoor gym, you have quite possibly touched a hold designed by Ian. Kilter is widely regarded to be one of the best grip companies in the world, and Ian is widely regarded as one of the best shapers. What makes his work so special is that he is actually an artist. Yes, he wants to make great hand holds. Yes, he wants to have a successful company. Yes, it would be great if he made money. But he does this work because he is called to it. He is an artist at heart and crafting climbing holds is the purest form of art to him. 

Ian grew up in a dysfunctional family. He landed in Waco, Texas, where he barely graduated high school and became obsessed with climbing. After high school he made his way to Boulder, Colorado, and started working in the climbing industry.

But somewhere along the way, as he started to see success as a shaper and later a fine artist, Ian discovered drugs. Being the all-in guy he is, Ian's path led to full-on drug addiction, homelessness and criminal activity. Ian was eventually busted and sentenced to time in prison. It wasn't until he was locked up that he finally kicked his addiction and got healthy. 

2020 marks TEN years since Ian left prison to restart his life. Our conversation is one of my favorites. Ian is incredibly humble about his difficult past. He openly shares his mistakes and all the lessons he's learned from them. He knows how quickly life can change and I think he is navigating his path with an intensity that you can only have when you know what's on the other side. Today we talk about:

Podcasts: He wanted to let you know that he listens to more than Terry Gross, Adam Carolla and Joe Rogan! Climbing: Route-setting, Shaping & other cool technical stuff Creating: This is a big theme throughout our conversation. Creating businesses. Creating fine art. Creating holds. Creating things that give us purpose. Finding the flow state: in work, in life, in art Early childhood experiences: His father's suicide and how his mother showed her love and support Discovering climbing: his first passion Starting eGrips: ludicrous tales of being a young entrepreneur  Discovering drugs: How quickly his life fast-forwarded down a destructive path Homeless and degenerate in Denver Prison: I literally ask, "What was prison like?" You must listen to this part. Turning his life around after prison Kilter and Jackie And so much more

This is an absolutely gripping episode. It's one thing to survive the experiences Ian has survived. It's another thing to be able to share openly and humbly so that others may learn something and find some inspiration to help them move through their own difficulties. In the end, I love Ian's final nugget. It's all about creating for the pure joy and fulfillment of creation. With no attachment to the outcome. I hope you listen today with no attachment, just let the messages flow and find your own zen state while they do.

153 - Jen Rockstar Szabo “What’s the Worst that Could Possibly Happen?”

153 - Jen Rockstar Szabo “What’s the Worst that Could Possibly Happen?”

December 29, 2019

"Be your inner rockstar." Jen Rockstar Szabo adopted this phrase in the last decade as she's dealt with divorce, anxiety and depression, body acceptance, debilitating injuries and more. To Jen, being your inner rockstar is about shining a spotlight on the moments of your life that we don't openly talk about. It's not about hiding parts of ourselves, but embracing them, or as she says, "Giving them a hug and inviting them in for a cup of tea."

Jen is an adult onset athlete. In 2004 she was duped into going to a meeting for a local running group. She tried to walk out the door, but a welcoming hand on her shoulder changed the course of her life (thanks Scott Fliegelman!). Jen is one of my favorite people. We've been palling around for about 15 years, brought together by Skirt Sports when we did an early fashion show at our local Fleet Feet store. You may have seen one of our widely acclaimed triathlon transition videos 😂 or our motivational HIIT workouts. If you haven't, they're definitely worth watching.

Rockstar has been on the podcast once before as a contributor to episode 119 - Body Talk. But we have never taken the time to shine the spotlight exclusively on her. Jen is a special person who is navigating this world one day at a time, keeping her priorities straight and continuing to build her toolshed.

Today we talk about:

What is means to be your inner rockstar 12-year-old Jen Anxiety and depression Naming your "thing," inviting it in and giving it a hug Divorce Becoming an athlete against your own odds Overcoming injuries & adapting to a new reality as we age An difficult encounter on an airline And so much more

For more Rockstar, be sure to follow her on Instagram at @rockstarszabo - she is an open book and what drives her more than just about anything is helping others, so if you need another advocate in your court, please reach out!

That's it for today. You know what time it is! It's time to get out there and Run This World. Have a great workout and we'll see you next week!

152 - Macy Matarazzo Helps Women Discover Unicorn Love

152 - Macy Matarazzo Helps Women Discover Unicorn Love

December 18, 2019

Macy Matarazzo is a love coach. She helps smart, single, spiritually conscious women find the kind of love they never thought existed... but it does. She calls it unicorn love and it's available to all of us. We just have to do a little work to open up to it.

Macy fell into this career through her own life experiences, self-enlightenment and a passionate calling to help others discover what she was able to find. The first and most important thing that is missing when people struggle in relationships is the ability to be 100% yourself. It seems to easy, but being ourselves, embracing who we truly are, is really difficult for so many reasons. It can require work to shed the walls and limitations that we've built over many years of our lives.

Today Macy has a thriving coaching business called Love Muffin Coaching, she puts on Love Camp (anyone can join), she broadcasts free advice and entertainment on her Reverend Lunch Lady Love Vibe TV Youtube channel, she does Dead Old Lady Secret Recipe Tarot Readings and most of all, she brings joy to people who are ready to receive it.

Today we talk about:

Love in all forms Macy's love story: How she met "Laserbeam Larry" (my chiropractor) & shed her facades for good Techniques to help women open up to love including RIM (Regenerating Images in Memory) How to be true to who we really are Why love coaching? Dead Old Lady Secret Recipe Tarot Readings: One for me and one for you (our listeners) Online dating: How to navigate this world sanely Checklist: What do we need to commit to for ourselves? Ego: How this can get in the way of good relationships

For more Macy, check out her website, facebook, youtube and more!

If you are loving the podcast, please consider becoming a Patron. I recently opened an account on Patreon so that listeners can support me if they feel compelled to do so. All right then, you know what time it is. It's time to get out there and Run This World. Have a great workout and I'll see you next week.

151 - Olympic Hopeful Nell Rojas’ Strength is her Strength

151 - Olympic Hopeful Nell Rojas’ Strength is her Strength

December 9, 2019

I met Nell Rojas the day I interviewed her but I felt like I'd known her for a while. I guess I have by proxy. Her dad, Ric Rojas, is a renowned running coach and a former world class runner himself. He's been coaching athletes for a long time, ever since he informally coached his own high school track team in 1970 when he won the National High School Indoor Mile (yes, he'd be a great guest on the show too). So it's no wonder that he produced not only an incredible athlete, but an even more exceptional person.

Nell is a late-start marathon runner - and it suits her. At 32, she qualified handily for the Olympic Marathon Trials in her first marathon ever. Then she followed it up with a 2:28 win at her second marathon and a top 15 ranking in the US. We all have interesting and often winding paths to the things we were meant to pursue. Nell is no different, but the really intriguing part of her story is that her success and ability to tap into her greatness seem to be happening almost by mistake - or maybe by default! Like there's a grand master plan that she is just stepping into at the exact time she's supposed to.

Even though she's relatively young, she has a very articulate way of sharing the lessons she's learned. You can understand why she is a coach herself, developing her own style - a unique combination of her dad's influence and her own experiences. Today we talk about:

Strength: physical, mental, all of it! Strength training: Why she has been strength training since middle school & how it sets her apart from her running peers Being the prodigy of a champion athlete: the role of her dad in her life Her philosophy: It's not about long miles She doesn't run doubles!!! Burnout: what this is and how to get through it Eating disorders and body image: Moving beyond the disorder into true self love Reframing the negative & learning to lead with the positive What it means to be the best you can be Saying goodbye to ego and how that allows you to find your true courage

For more on Nell:

Coaching: She coaches athletes around the world, not just in Boulder!

Instagram @nell_rojas_running

Facebook @nell.rojas1

And a shoutout to her dad Ric!

150 - “I’ve Always Loved Change” Runners Brittany Charboneau and Jenni Nettik Trust Their Guts

150 - “I’ve Always Loved Change” Runners Brittany Charboneau and Jenni Nettik Trust Their Guts

November 15, 2019

Meet Brittany Charboneau and Jenni Nettik - runners, coaches, dreamers, fun-creators. Brittany is one of the country's newest distance stars, fresh off a win at the 2019 Marine Corps Marathon and gunning for the 2020 Marathon Trials. Jenni is the founder of Mercuria Running, a coaching business that focuses on more than just running - it's about nurturing a passion for the sport without the "at all costs" philosophy of most hard core programs.

I don't often interview two people at the same time. It can be awkward, technically difficult and sometimes tough to keep a smooth conversation rolling. This episode is anything but awkward, difficult or tough. It is fun, easy-going, insightful and full of tips (big and small) to help you dig deeper into yourselves. Plus we do a little improv (admittedly slightly awkwardly!) in the middle so that will keep your attention!

We cover the following and so much more:

Passion and day jobs Life Plan: how Brittany quit her job after her company, Otterbox, helped her create her life plan! Why listening to your gut helps make the most powerful decisions Faith on your journey How training for something often leads to something entirely different: Jenni's career path Combining passions: Art & running (Jenni), Acting & running (Brittany) Mercuria Running: How Jenni & Brittany are creating a whole new philosophy on training and racing

For more on these two incredible women, follow them in all the places!

Coaching at Mercuria Running Instagram @FunnyRunner26.2 & @mercuriarunning

And be sure to check out the Funner Runner 101er program - it definitely epitomizes what they're both all about. That's it for today. You know what time it is. It's time to get out there and run this world. Have a great workout and we'll see you next week!

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